About Us

13therapeutics is a research and drug development company identifying and characterizing novel anti-inflammatory peptide therapeutics for unmet medical needs with high commercial potential.

The company has an innovative platform for discovering and enhancing peptides, derived from naturally occurring pathogens (e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungi), which modulate the human immune response. This platform has produced a portfolio of peptides with demonstrated immune-regulatory activity and with varying mechanisms of action.

These peptides have potential application for treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. Many of the company’s peptides are capable of multiple methods of delivery, have shown serum stability, and have other desired features clinical therapeutics.

Target conditions include the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases such as Acute Otitis Media (AOM), Systemic Inflammation, Meningitis, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Uveitis and Ischemia. We are also evaluating peptides in chronic models for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Multiple Sclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Crohn’s Disease and Psoriasis, among others. Using our evolution-based methodology, we envision rapid development across several disease states.


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence