About Us

It all began in the year 2000 when Bert Westbrook was working for another pest control franchise. Tired of the lack of customer service, reliability, and dependability he saw the company giving, Bert decided to take the small group of dedicated customers he had and branched out on his own.

October 1, 2000 was when A B Pest Control was born. Alongside his wife Lisa, they built the company off of the characteristics they liked most about other companies that they used in the service industry. The personalization, friendly environment, and quality and of what was being offered at A B Pest quickly gained the respect of multiple clients throughout the Lake Ozark, MO area.

The success that has come in the years following is what Bert & Lisa pride themselves of. The image that A B Pest has established and maintained is exactly what they envisioned years ago, just maybe not at the magnitude of what the company is operating at today.

Since the cutting of the grand opening ribbon, multiple divisions of service have been added. Offered alongside pest control are a full variety of lawn care/weed control, nuisance animal trapping and repairs, bed bug/termite/yard treatments, and the most recently added insulation services. The surrounding service areas have grown considerably and A B Pest treats a hearty part of mid-MO. The company has also expanded into multi-building complex where the office is located on Hwy W.

Commercial presence