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About Us

At A Fresh Start Law, Las Vegas attorney Dorothy Bunce solves all kinds of debt problems you may have. While Attorney Dorothy mostly represents people in bankruptcy court, she has other tricks up her sleeve to offer you options besides bankruptcy to solve your debt problems. Once your problems are solved, she will show you how to move forward by showing you how to repair your credit.Dorothy Bunce may treat you just like she were your Mom, but without the scolding or guilt trip. Dorothy understands how difficult it is to talk about money problems and knows how hard you tried to solve these problems on your own. Her background as an attorney, as a former debt settlement agent, former debt collector, and person who used to have serious debt problems means she is uniquely qualified to show you choices to solve YOUR debt problems LEGALLY. Dorothy will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice you can make, with no BS and no hard pressure sales pitch.Dorothy Bunce has helped hard working Nevada individuals solve their financial problems since 1979. She would be happy to meet you to look for some solutions. It is up to you to pick up the phone to get a no obligation appointment with her.Debt problems, including mortgages, court judgments, medical bills, credit cards, payday loans, vehicle loans, including underwater loans, repo & voluntary return deficiencies, and even old tax debts can be solved using both new and time tested legal strategies. Dorothy Bunce can explain these options so you can decide what is right for you. Circumstances beyond your control can force you into needing legal help to resolve your debt problems. Every client at A Fresh Start has a reason why, in spite wanting to do the right thing, they must protect themselves and their family first.

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