About Us

The challenge for today’s organizations is ensuring their Sales and Marketing Strategies are aligned with overall corporate strategy toward the needs of their customer base. Too often companies are ineffective in their attempts to align sales to marketing, marketing to sales, and they fail to align both with the overall company goals and objectives. The ultimate goal should be to ensure that Sales and Marketing strategies are customer focused and ACCORDANT with corporate strategy.

The goal of Accordant Consulting is to assist our clients in developing Marketing and Sales strategies and systems that allow them to act in accordance with their overall company strategy, ultimately helping them to reach their goals. To achieve this, Accordant has partnered with MathMarketing, a proven provider of structured Marketing and Sales training and support programs and Miller Heiman, the acknowledged leader in structured sales analysis and transformation and account management training. MathMarketing offers several tested programs to ensure that companies are completely aligned. Once the alignment process is completed Math Marketing Funnel Coaches assist organizations in creating specific, actionable, measurable plans to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales funnel.

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1-10 employees

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