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About Us

Lucie Barron, our Founder and President, has quite a compelling story to tell. A single mother with seven young children, her indoctrination to the legal system came in the early 1990's during a fee dispute with her lawyer, who was seeking additional compensation. A formidable competitor even then, she went about the daunting task of reconstructing the file on her case, arguing that she had actually been overcharged. The panel of arbitrators agreed, dismissing the attorney's claim and awarding for her.

Originally from Australia, Lucie Barron was a psychologist by training with an MBA from McGill University, Canada and had a keen eye for business. Looking for a way to support her children, Ms. Barron identified Alternative Dispute Resolution as a business opportunity because she realized early on that resolving disputes quickly and cost effectively was essential to the business and legal community.

After spending months at the UCLA business and law schools devouring any information she could find on ADR, Ms. Barron contacted a list of retired judges and invited them to join her fledgling panel. Enticed by her vision and determination, eight retired judges initially agreed to join what has now become the fastest growing ADR provider in California.

ADR Services, Inc. had humble beginnings in 1994, sub-leasing a couple of rooms from a law firm and handling cases on an ad hoc basis for a handful of retired judges who agreed to work through our panel. Until the recent maturing of the marketplace, the company managed the impossible, virtually doubling in size every year. Today, our ADR Services, Inc. panel consists of more than 150 retired judges and attorneys throughout California.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence