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What is the adRover? > What is the adRover®?

Unlike anything else...

adRover® is a state of the art, environmentally friendly, mobile, multimedia delivery platform.
Engage your audience up close and personally.
Interactive technologies.
Be the excitement and make your message be the center of attention anywhere.
The adRover® is a multimedia platform that engages your senses and has no limits to its creativity
SIGHT - Vibrant 4'X5' LED screen viewable up close or 250 feet or more away!
SOUND - full concert Bose Sound System with wireless PA!
TOUCH - play interactive games, give crowd pleasing handouts, send and receive interactive SMS text messages, and more!
The adRover® captivates with an 87% look ratio. That's the best in the industry!

Our digital editors can help you create your own personalized message!

Your message will be vibrant, colorful, moving and enriched with sound. The adRover® will make your audience STOP and take notice!

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence