About Us

Alwan Color Expertise™ was founded in 1997 in Lyon-France by President Elie Khoury. His choice to dedicate the company to Colour Management and Standardisation led Alwan to becoming a leading force in both these fields worldwide. Alwan started its business as an engineering and consultancy firm committed to promoting ISO Standards and ICC-based Color Management for printers and publishers.

Fiften years later, Alwan software is used by over 1400 publishing and printing houses all over the world including many prestigious names.

Alwan technologies are recommended by many OEMs and are embedded by many others in their solutions such as in Caldera RIP, Compose Harlequin RIP, Adsend and Dubsat online services...

Alwan solutions received many industry awards such as :
- 2008, PIA/GATF Intertech Award for its innovating Dynamic DeviceLinks technology that is embedded in Alwan CMYK Optimizer software,
- 2012, IDEAlliance G7 System Certification for Alwan Dynamic PrintCalibration technology which is embedded in Alwan Print Standardizer software, and many others.

In 2013 Alwan is launching its unique and complete HiFi Suite of solutions, enabling multichannel separations and multicolor printing for all kind of demanding applications such as packaging, label and speciality printing on conventional and digital printing processes.



Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence