About Us

A&M Events has been Nashville’s innovative and comprehensive event coordination company for over 3 years. Through our strategic process and creative vision, our company builds events that align with your brand and personality.

Through our process, we coordinate and implement all logistics to ensure your event flows consistently and cohesively from beginning to end. From vendor management to live production, we manage all moving parts to align the guest experience with the event personality and message.

In today’s business landscape, traditional marketing and public relations campaigns are no longer sufficient. Today’s average individual expects to be shown rather than told. Engagement and interaction are the names of the game. Events are no longer an option. They are a critical and necessary component in your “toolbox” of marketing and building your consumer base. A&M Events believes in creating lasting partnerships, rather than client-vendor relationships that end after the event. We aim to be your long-term partner as you navigate this new landscape.


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