About Us

Amicon Construction Services is a multifaceted, full service construction firm specializing in upscale commercial interiors. For more than 40 years, Amicon’s principals have consistently delivered some of the region’s most outstanding projects, working with the industry’s leading design and construction professionals. In addition to general contracting, Amicon Construction Management brings top level experience and expertise to every size project by developing, protecting and managing complex budgets and schedules. Additionally, Amicon Development Group manages a wide portfolio of commercial and residential development projects throughout the Florida and North Carolina.

Our strength lies in our dedication to customer service, integrity and attention to detail. We believe that project success lies in effective communication. As the Team leader, we strive to maintain a clear and precise flow of information and keep all parties current at all times. By partnering with other industry professionals in a team oriented approach, we provide consummate value engineering, schedule management, and cost efficient services.

We are a boutique style organization catering to the needs of our clients on a personal basis. Our high-end client list ranges from multinational corporations such as FedEx, American Express and Starbucks to smaller clients seeking the personal attention of our principals.

Main office location in Miami, FL .

Commercial presence