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About Us

Ancon Medical Inc. has a disruptive technology known as Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) for the early stage screening of various Veterinary and Healthcare conditions. NBT will have a similar impact to market as MRI and X-Ray and will use breath screening and detection through VOC Bio-Marker Identification. At this stage, we are focusing on Cancer Bio-Markers, however, we can expand this with ease to any disease that has volatile or semi volatile Bio-Marker signatures such as COPD and Ebola.

The Company has developed a revolutionary means of detecting trace chemicals in the air, at the level of single molecules (biomarkers) and is applying the same technology that already has a successful history and track record for other industries including homeland security, military detection, workplace environmental monitoring, and biohazards. Sensitivity is orders of magnitude superior to all existing state of the art technologies and is at ultimate physical sensitivity level. This ground breaking technology has been developed to enable real-time measurement of specific biomarkers allowing for early stage screening and future diagnosis of diseases including Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, and a range of other cancers, and infectious diseases such are Ebola possible.

NBT works by selecting biomarkers of target substances from complex chemical backgrounds present in normal atmospheres (such as exhaled breath) and tagging them with specially generated proprietary Nano-objects. Tagged molecules are individually counted with laser counters. This is a uniquely novel approach to measuring the numbers of molecules or biomarker present in a sample and is the basis of NBTs unprecedented sensitivity!

Business size

1-10 employees

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