About Us

We are a specialized executive search firm, focused exclusively on hiring transformational leadership talent for our clients. We work with companies and organizations that are effecting a significant change, either in their business model, scale of operations or sometimes, both. To succeed in this endeavor, our clients need a specific type of executive- someone who is a change leader. Typically, such a person is entrepreneurial & passionate, can think out-of-the box, has a vision for where the company needs to go, and importantly, knows how to motivate their team to achieve that goal. Often times, these are people who have lived and worked in different continents and countries. They are people who have worked in start-ups and large companies. They have done exciting things in their careers. They have taken risks and succeeded, and have scars to show for it!

We call such people ‘Transformational Leaders’. AnuPartha has worked over the last 25 years to build a community of such people, reaching out to them across geographies- the US, Europe, India, the Far East, the Middle East, and Australia; across industries – Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Social Sector, etc.; and across the gamut of functional roles – Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Products, Engineering, etc.

Time and again, we have seen magic happen when we find the right transformational executive for our clients. And this is what drives us, and keeps us motivated each day. We work closely with our clients, and enable them to find such leadership talent, bringing experience, knowledge and predictability to the process. We are passionate and excited about the impact such hiring can have in building the next generation of iconic organizations – in the enterprise, and in the social sector.

Business size

26-100 employees