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About Us

ASCII Media creates game software and 3D animation for consumer brands, ad agencies and online gamers. Some of the company's growing library of over 400 game engines are developed using Adobe Flash, do not require a download, operate on 99% of all computers and can be customized to meet any client's specific needs. ASCII Media's games reach millions of people across all demographics through some of the most popular online destinations and corporate branded Web sites.

The company's distinction within the game software industry lies in its business model, which focuses on licensing and customizing its library of games, rather than creating games as "works for hire." As a result our clients benefit through faster deployments and more cost effective solutions.

Our strength lies in our team. We have some of the most qualified and talented poeple in the games industry. At over 400 games in our library including Mobile, Console, Handheld, multiplayer and numerous community game software systems that are our sole intellectual property, means that we offer a vast number of solutions for our clients to choose from, regardless of demographic, in record time and below market cost.

ASCII Media has world class experience in Virtual Online Worlds. This technology can easily manage a persistent user-base in the hundreds of thousands of online users. ASCII Media's games have one key element, teamwork. Everyone has to pull their weight or the game does not get done, simple as that. A game could have awesome graphics but terrible game play which is why we have everyone do their part to make the game they want to make while doing their best job. For years to come ASCII Media and its members will always be proud of the work they create.


Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence