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About Us

Colorado’s Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) project works with communities, pediatric health care providers, child care providers and families to help them identify children who may have potential developmental delays as early as possible. ABCD also focuses on ensuring that once children with potential delays are identified, they are successfully connected with the services and resources they need as soon as possible.

Statistics confirm that developmental delays are often not identified until kindergarten entry or later, well beyond the point when early intervention is most effective. Research shows that primary health care providers who use a standardized developmental screening tool are more likely to correctly identify children in need of early intervention services.

ABCD is committed to educating, engaging, supporting, and partnering with all community partners to ensure they are working together as effectively and efficiently as possible on behalf of families and young children. Using a medical home approach, our goal is to facilitate and strengthen relationships, in order to give every child in Colorado the best opportunity to reach their maximum developmental potential.

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