About Us

At Atlantis Financial we focus on getting to know you...

Our approach is built on the philosophy that your wealth enables your life, not the other way around. We take a different view from many financial services firms that focus solely on your money. We take the time to focus on your life, your vision of how you want to live today, tomorrow and the legacy you want to leave. This brings greater fulfillment and security to you as well as your family.

Beginning with end in mind allows us to have a clear picture of your dreams and goals. Our process combines your vision with your financial resources which allow us to take a personal, goals-driven approach that offers you more than traditional financial management. The results from this approach is not just a single financial solution, but a continuing process that provides you with true financial wellness.

When you choose to work with Atlantis Financial, you will have a dedicated team that strives to ensure you receive thorough and consistent service. Doing so allows you to feel comfortable with your financial decisions and to know you have a partner you can trust.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence