About Us

Atlas Pacific Engineering Company has been the industry leader for deciduous fruit processing equipment for over 69 years, and is now expanding its offerings to the fresh cut industry with the Fresh Slice Apple System and the FC15 Pineapple, Cantaloupe and Melon Chunker. Atlas Pacific offers a range of mission-critical machinery that enables customers to produce the highest quality fruit product, while achieving unmatched operating efficiencies and yield savings.

Atlas Pacific Engineering Equipment
Pineapple, Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melon Peeler, Corer and Chunker
Apple Peelers & Slicers
Apple Fresh Slice System
Apricot Pitter & Halver
Peach Pitters and Re-Pitters
Cherry Stemmers
Pear Peelers & Slicers

Other Trusted Businesses of the Atlas Pacific Family of Companies

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Rotary Fillers
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Magnuson Corporation - Processing Vegetable and Fruit Equipment
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Feeders - Shufflo and Trough Belt
Produce Sizing Equipment
Hulling Equipment
Agent for FEMIA, FAM and DECORA

CCM - Computer Controlled Machines - Processing Corn Equipment
Automatic and Manually Fed Corn Cutters
Green Corn Eliminators
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Kernal / Seed Removal

Brown International - Processing Citrus Products - Juice and Oil
By-product Recovery
Plant Control and Information Systems

Business size

101-500 employees


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