About Us

At our facilities, you’ll find the most caring and nurturing staff around.

Who We Are
The Autism Centers of Pittsburgh, first and foremost, are OPERATED by parents of children with autism. We UNDERSTAND. We don’t let you wander through the journey alone — we’re there to help you through it. From diagnosis to advocacy to helping obtain services, our parent coordinators are there for you! Completely free of charge.

At the Autism Center of Pittsburgh, you can get a fast diagnosis for your child.
Don’t sit on a waiting list for six months while precious time ticks by. Call us at 412-364-1886 or 412-537-9879 to make an appointment. Our psychologists can give you a diagnosis so that you can get services for your child in a timely manner.
Bring your child in for a speech evaluation or speech therapy at Aspire Pediatric Therapy.
Aspire has qualified masters level therapists to conduct full evaluations, provide speech therapy, assisted communication therapy, listening therapy, and much more.
Bring your child in for an occupational therapy evaluation or ongoing outpatient therapy from Aspire Pediatric Therapy.
Does your child have difficulty with zippers and buttons? Are they anxious and agitated? Do they stim? Aspire’s occupational therapists can work with your child to help him or her self-regulate when they get


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1-10 employees

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