About Us

Avenue 80, Inc. is a new type of software development consulting company. We don't take requirements, go away for six months, and deliver something that you thought you wanted. We expect the customer to be involved every step of the way, from requirements gathering, through development, and beyond delivery.

See, we understand that even if you know your business inside and out, it's hard to imagine software before you can see it and try it out with your own two hands. We've seen it time and time again, things change and ideas aren't stagnant things. Some companies fight change by creating strict, by the book requirements that are set in stone. Others just throw change in willy-nilly and keep coming back to ask for more budget every month.

We are different. With decades of experience working in software consulting, we've learned that the best way to build software that helps our customers is to have our customers help us. By exposing our processes and our project management systems directly to our customers, they can look at what we're doing at all times, and have all of the information we have when decisions need to be made. Have a great new idea after seeing the latest order screen? Excellent, help us define it, put it in the system and prioritize it, and we'll make it happen.

We help clients build the software that they NEED.