About Us

▌What You Thought Your Business Would Be▐

Awayre (adj. n.) (pronounced "aware") means The Way of Awareness.

We activate the hidden power of a business process by engaging its people's awareness.

At Awayre, LLC, we regard human awareness as a systemic and fundamental ingredient of business management and workforce productivity, which allows us to help businesses achieve superior business performance that could be sustained for generations to come.


As a business leader, you are intuitively aware that your business or business-unit is not performing at the level it’s capable of performing. Studies have shown that most businesses operate at about 33% of their capacity.

The way of awareness is about recognizing the hidden capacity of human beings - their awareness - and channeling it in a way that makes them come alive, become emotionally engaged to their work and produce with effortless efficiency.

When this awareness is unlocked, harnessed and channeled through a business process – by the way of awareness – your business or organization can achieve what was never in its realm of possibilities. Finally, a business can be what it was meant to be. It could be What You Thought It Would Be.

Business size

1-10 employees