About Us

Based in Madison, Wis., since 1981, Bankers’ Bank serves community-minded financial institutions of all sizes across the Midwest through support offices in the Des Moines, Indianapolis, and Springfield, Illinois areas. As an independent source of non-competing financial services, the Bank serves a market of over 800 financial institutions. We do not serve the general public; therefore, we never compete with our clients for business. Our services strictly support our customer banks, providing them with effective tools to be competitive and best assist their customers.

Our ownership is independent of control by any group or other affiliation. We are organized for profit but all profits not distributed accrue to benefit our shareholders. We provide non-exclusive and innovative services and communication. Ownership interests are available to our customers but are not a requirement.

Daily we manage more than two billion dollars in assets and over 14 billion dollars of custodial securities. We offer mass purchasing power and greater scale economies to community banks of all sizes. This allows community banks the ability to offer larger loans, tax-exempt debt underwriting, and consolidated processing for proven cost effectiveness.


Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence