About Us

In order to overcome the deficit in flavor of most the EVOO sold on US shelves, Bellucci delivers its EVOO to merchants upon harvest. The comparative freshness of their product prompted the company to indicate the date of harvest on the front label—a feature previously unseen on olive oil labels. Freshness, like product purity and origin, is a key component of outstanding EVOO. Freshness is also correlated with EVOO’s health-giving properties.

The company’s new label design also counters the confusing and misleading information characteristic of EVOO packaging.

Bellucci began selling its EVOO in the US last year. The majority owners of the brand are small growers in rural Italy who first joined together in cooperatives in the 1950s and 1960s. Their collective effort strives to ensure the viability of traditional non-industrial growing methods and the livelihood of small-scale olive growers. Due in large part to their practices, the land they cultivate is considered among the most pristine and well-preserved agricultural regions in the world. Their traceability program recognizes the wide-ranging contributions of their many members and supports the fair distribution of income along the entire value chain.

More information about Bellucci’s partnership with the OL.MA and Montalbano cooperatives and about EVOO appreciation, history and production is available at Belluccipremium.com.

Business size

101-500 employees


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