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About Us

BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a new primary energy source with applications to heating, distributed and central power generation, and motive power. It is based on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process, with the formation of a prior undiscovered form of hydrogen called "hydrino." This breakthrough in solid fuel chemistries that is very efficient at liberating energy from forming hydrinos, and the Company believes that this breakthrough will result in a reduction in the commercialization timeline for products utilizing the BlackLight Process. Importantly, the Company has shown that these solid fuels can be thermally regenerated. Thus, the Company believes that continuous generation of power liberated by forming hydrinos is commercially feasible using simplistic and efficient systems that concurrently maintain regeneration as part of the thermal energy balance. The system is closed except that only hydrogen consumed in forming hydrinos need be replaced.

As BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) continues to refine its hydrogen-based energy technology, it progresses toward commercialization of its inventions. To fulfill this vision of commercialization, BLP has created a working environment that promotes exploration, breaking new ground, and passion for success and achievement.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence