About Us

Bobby F. Griffin, Inc. is the company that developed, pioneered and patented the concept of disposable paper auto floor mats.Our company was founded in 1961 by Bobby F. Griffin. After taking a trip to Sarasota, FL. and being told not get sand in a car he was about to test drive, the idea of disposable paper auto floor mats became a reality. He obtained two patents for his design and 52 years later the company is still in business. We offer several different paper types all designed to fit the needs of our customer. All mats can be custom imprinted with one color or four color process. Our generic in-stock copy is also available on each paper type. Our floor mats are currently being used by dealerships, service/repair shops, car washes, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, hospitals, green houses and many countless other companies. We also carry steering wheel covers, seat covers and sticky back mats. In addition to floor mats, we also print scratch pads, desk calendars, memo books and sticky notes. Our main objective is to make sure each customer receives the attention they deserve by providing outstanding customer service and exceptional products they can be proud to distribute. Please call or email today for free quotes, catalogs or samples.


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence