About Us

Boone Medical Imaging offers the cutting-edge preventive cardiology techniques pioneered at the Boone Heart Institute to physicians throughout Denver and the Front Range. Our goal is to empower the general practitioner by broadening his or her scope of care while increasing revenue.

Our ultrasound technicians specialize in Carotid-IMT and Echocardiography. In particular, we are striving to make the C-IMT the current standard of care for all Americans.

We believe that everyone in America should know his or her C-IMT measurement and Arterial Age, in the same way that one should know his or her cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association agrees, recommending C-IMT for all Americans over 45, and for younger individuals with one or more cardiovascular risk factors.

Join us on our mission to eradicate heart disease and stroke in the 21st century!

Business size

1-10 employees

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