About Us

The Brain Injury Association of Georgia is a non-profit organization serving individuals with brain injuries and their families, friends and service providers. Founded in 1982, we strive to improve the quality of life for people with brain injury and their family and friends.
Our Programs Include:
> Information & Resource Service Coordinator . Our Information & Resource program gives survivors and their families the opportunity to discuss their specific needs and situation with someone who is familiar with the challenges they face.
Brain Injury Information Center (BIIC) Help Line 1-800-444-6443 to information.
Providis you materials on Traumatic Brain Injury;
.Refersyou to others who can help;
.Supplies related information via email or mail;
.Put syou in contact with support groups in your area;
.Connects you with BIAG’s Peer Visitor for Veterans Program;
.Provides you with information about upcoming events, programs and happenings; and
.Provides information about services, membership, and other programs, which fit your specific needs.
.Connects you with other volunteer survivors or caregivers who can mentor with you via email or phone, providing emotional support
>VSA Program which offers free access to a variety of art programs for our support groups and members
>A Statewide Network of Support Groups
>Peer Visitor for Veterans Program
>Brain Injury Summer Camp Programs for adults and respite camp for their caregivers
>Educational conferences, training programs, and workshops for survivors, families, and service providers, including a statewide Summit for support group leaders, mini-conferences for survivors and caregivers
>Advocacy for safety laws, services, and needed public policy changes
>Public awareness and prevention programs

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence