About Us

BTB Investments is a direct private lending company. We raise private capital for short term loans to qualified borrowers whose needs are not met traditional lending institutions. We offer investors double digit returns and provide borrowers with fast, flexible lending solutions for non-owner occupied properties. Funds can be used to purchase a property, pay the settlement costs, fund construction costs and cover finance charges.

BTB Investments provides investors with the opportunity to conservatively invest in real estate. As a part of our underwriting process, we carefully screen the components of each deal including: the property purchase price, construction costs/ schedule and comparable sales as well as the borrower’s credit history and industry experience. Primary considerations for loan qualification include a borrower's equity position in the property, ability to service the mortgage obligation and planned exit strategy.

We practice direct lending (one investor for each loan) and do not pool funds. Investment amounts range from a minimum of $100k to $1M+ and can be funded through self-directed IRAs/ 401Ks, refinancing existing properties and savings. Do you need help rolling funds over from an IRA/401K into a self-directed account or arranging a home equity line of credit on a property? If so, we’ll work with you to structure/ arrange financing.

The maximum loan amount is 65% of the after repair value (ARV) for rehab/ new construction properties, which results in 35% or more protective equity (the amount that the value of the property exceeds the value of the loan). Borrowers also contribute 15% of the purchase price or pledge additional non-owner occupied properties as collateral. Every investment secured by a first position mortgage and comprehensive set of legal documents including a personal guarantee, confession of judgement (where applicable) and deed-in-lieu, which allows us to quickly recover the property in the event of a default.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence