About Us

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio and Denver, Colorado, with national and global reach.

Individual & business performance consultation to mid-market & smaller private enterprises and their owners, including one-person and small team entrepreneurs.

Making tangible what is often intangible, we enable you, the business owner, to “monetize your company culture” to advantage for enhanced triple bottom-line & sustained center-stage business performance. Put your company culture to work for you, instead of it getting in the way.

Guided by American Psychological Association ethics & standards.

We offer you three entry points:

* Increasing workforce cost efficiencies. Enhance workforce resilience and retention, starting with your own. http://businessculturesolutions.com/cultures-of-resilience/stress-management-resilience/

* Strategic workforce alignment & engagement around re-invigorated values, goals & objectives. Improve understanding & buy-in. Enhance company adaptability and achievement. http://businessculturesolutions.com/performance/

* Engineering alternatives to "culture clash" under circumstances of major company change. Promote integration of the best of more than one culture with least down-time. http://businessculturesolutions.com/challenges-solved/mergers-acquisitions/

We are Marketing Ambassadors for www.CultureUniversity.com.

When you work with Business Culture Solutions, you are provided access to global industry leaders with a track record of performance -- locally, nationally & world-wide.

See www.BusinessCultureSolutions.com/ for more information.

If looking for a Performance Project Manager, Business Performance Consultant, or "simply" greater peace of mind in your business operations, call me now at 330-472-2559. Or email me at Norman@BusinessCultureSolutions.com.

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1-10 employees

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