About Us

Building on more than 25 years of experience, California Controlled Atmosphere (CalCA) is dedicated to providing the finest and most comprehensive service for our customer's industrial refrigeration needs.

CalCA is an employee owned company. We specialize in mechanical systems design, installation, and maintenance for product cooling and cold storage/ freezer facilities. Today the company features a broad range of services including consulting expertise to help our clients comply with Risk Management Program (RMP) and Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations. Our controls department also provides the most advanced automated control and energy management systems using a wide variety of control platforms.

Founded in 1984 by Ray Kliewer, the company has grown from a small family operation to a multi-million dollar corporation. Part of our success we attribute to our tenacity and willingness to take on the problems and challenges that others have backed away from. Another contributor is the effort and lengths that we take to stand behind our work which has led to many long-term relationships with our customers and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau of Central California (www.cencal.bbb.org). And today we are aggressively taking steps to keep our customers ahead of the curve with compliance issues, partnering to develop a comprehensive PSM software package.