About Us

We provide evidence-based support to those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity in Northern California by heightening awareness; educating the medical community, food purveyors and the general public; and offering group and individual support. The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California is an all-volunteer organization.

Community services:

• Administers Camp Celiac (http://www.celiaccamp.com) in partnership with The Taylor Family Foundation

• Publishes a monthly newsletter and regional events calendar

• Maintains free membership

• Conduct gluten-free consultations for restaurants and food manufacturers

• Responds to public and media inquiries

• Organizes public events with visiting speakers

• Organizes dietitian education and grand rounds at hospitals

• Offers group and individual support to the community

• Advocates for causes related to the mission

• Maintains a website with frequently updated regional and national resources

• Runs NorCal Gluten-Free Alliance, a networking group for leaders in medical, business and nonprofit sectors

Business size

1-10 employees