About Us

CGS Fabrication is a leading global manufacturer, providing an expertise level of High Speed CNC Machining, Prototypes, Fabrications, Tooling, Fixtures, Spare Parts for Automation Equipment, and the Assembly of Components for Sub-Assemblies. This may place CGS Fabrication in alignment with many other machining companies. But unlike those companies in the manufacturing industry, we have become leaders in providing high quality, logistically fabricated parts and sub-assemblies. CGS specializes in low volume, high mix products that will bring low cost manufacturing and value to your bottom line.

CGS has two manufacturing facilities to support our customer’s products and production. Located in Webster, NY and in Penang, Malaysia. Our operation in Webster, NY resides in a 380,000 square foot facility along with our Mother Company, Calvary Automation. Our operation in Penang, Malaysia resides in a 85,000 square foot facility.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence