About Us

Our mission is simple - your top-line growth is our focus, and we help you build the championship caliber sales teams needed to accomplish this.

By working with you to identify "the right player for the right position", we help you grow revenue with your current team, and then expand your revenue possibilities with every additional hire. "Right player - right position," what does this mean? This can be best explained with a few examples...

2015 FIFA Women's World Cup - Alex Morgan (Forward) and Hope Solo (Goal Keeper) are both terrific soccer players. Switch their positions, however, and you do not have a World Cup championship team.

2015 NFL Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots - Tom Brady (Quarterback) and Rob Gronkowski (Tight End) are both top-rated football players. Switch their positions, however, and the New England Patriots don't even make the playoffs.

Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins - Arguably one of the best Quarterbacks ever to play the game, but he retired without ever getting the "ring." Without a doubt, Coach Don Shula tried, but the getting "the right players in the right positions" never materialized, and Dan, who holds numerous NFL records, didn’t get over the last hurdle.

At Championship Talent Management, the "what" of the service we deliver to companies is the fact that we help grow revenue, the "how" is by working with them to get "the right player in the right position."

Our services are not limited to just companies. We help individual sales reps through the same process. By letting us help you clearly define the "player" you are, we can always be on the lookout for that position which will allow you to elevate your game to championship levels.

Sports - Business, there is no difference; we are all out to win!

Championship Talent Management - We Help You Build Championship Sales Teams!

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