About Us

Intelligent power management is a critical tool to help business and homeowners convert energy usage from a non-negotiable and escalating cost to a source of significant savings (approx. 20%-70%), environmental service, and pride. In addition to being clean, these systems are now sufficiently cost-effective to begin realizing a net gain within as little as 3 years from installation.

Energy Management involves the use of modern, “Smart Grid” technologies to integrate, optimize, and control several critical electrical systems. In order to bring the high cost of energy into line, Charge Bliss brings together site-based energy generation such as solar, standing energy storage, and control systems to define when, where, and how to use it. Each of these pieces brings added value to the site, but the synergy resulting from their combination and optimization results in significant reductions in the need for energy drawn from the grid. The key to this are sophisticated control systems that monitor and manage the component parts in real time and make dynamic adjustments so that each component is used as safely and efficiently as possible.

Indeed, we are so confident of our ability to feed your bottom line that we perform all initial analyses free of any charge or obligation. Once we have the opportunity to demonstrate the exceptional savings, rapid cost recovery, and extraordinary return on investment, we are confident that business owners and operators will understand its value. This is why we call our system, “Intelligent power. Delivered.”

Business size

26-100 employees

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