About Us

Getting the most from your mission critical investments is more important than ever.

At CMC our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable solutions with the most innovative and efficient products in the industry. We are IT Integrators concentrating on the physical infrastructure to support IT (planning, designing, building, and maintaining mission critical facilities).

We provide maximum reliability while assuring long-term cost-effectiveness and environmental friendly facilities. Unlike our competitors, CMC has expertise in IT as well as integrated facilities services. This unique outlook provides our clients with a single source to flawlessly integrate between facility and IT, providing a robust, secure, and green facility for your company.

Chesapeake Mission Critical ensures that our clients receive the best value solution. Each facility is a unique, evolving entity serving an equally unique organization. At Chesapeake Mission Critical, we view the facility in its entirety. We seek first to understand your organization's goals, and objectives, and then the facility's role in fulfilling that mission.

Chesapeake Mission Critical assures that your facility will seamlessly support technology from yesterday and today, while being quick and scalable enough to accept the advanced technology platforms of tomorrow.

Chesapeake Mission Critical (CMC) experience and expertise has made us one of the leading experts.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence