About Us

Chesapeake Testing is an industry leader in ballistic and armor protection systems testing. A NVLAP and A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, Chesapeake Testing is approved by the National Institute of Justice to perform personal body armor testing to NIJ Standard-0101.06 and NIJ Standard-0115.00 Stab Resistance of personal body armor. Chesapeake Testing is also approved by the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center to perform helmet and hard & soft armor testing. Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility, Chesapeake Testing has climate controlled, indoor firing ranges, a forced entry/ballistic range, a mechanical testing lab, environmental conditioning lab, x-ray/computed tomography scanning lab, non-destructive testing lab, NOCSAE Sports Testing lab, and an outdoor range for small and large caliber munitions & blast testing.
Chesapeake Testing maintains one of the most extensive collections of test barrels allowing for the testing of a variety of small arms munitions from -grain fragments up to and including 30-mm. Additionally Chesapeake Testing maintains a specialty Mann gun system and a specialty 3-barrel .50 cal gun system. An on-site environmental conditioning laboratory is capable of conditioning material so that most portions of government and commercial test standards can be performed on-site. Chesapeake Testing also has a non-destructive testing division that allows for pre and post testing analysis of test items using cutting-edge technology such as 3-D Computed Tomography (CT Scanning / X-ray system). A fully equipped on-site machine shop supported by experienced CAD design engineers is readily available to assist with customization or fabrication of fixtures and to support range operations.

Business size

101-500 employees


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