About Us

Apartment and condominium owners and managers representing over 300,000 units on over 2,450 properties have engaged Choice as their Agent for vendor negotiations and contract implementation; this is a win for them:

• They like participating in the $34 million in vendor-paid fees Choice clients have received since 1999.
• They enjoy receiving these revenues while doing limited work and investing no capital.
• They realize the benefit of pooling their buying power with hundreds of other properties.
• They trust each community's opportunities are maximized while each contract is managed via Choice's specialized Contract Management Software and Database.
• Choice utilizes proprietary financial models to project revenue comparing multiple vendors, offer structures and business terms in order to corroborate all recommendations.
• Choice handles the details of revenue collection and distribution.
• Choice-coordinated marketing materials make it easy to keep residents informed.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence