About Us

CK Strategies is a one-stop shop for all of your campaign consulting needs. We work with campaign staff and consultants across the country to develop new and innovative ways to achieve victory. For a detailed proposal for your campaign, please contact our Principal Strategist, Chris Keohan at (617) 892-2765 or via email at ckeohan@ckstrategies.com.

Strategy and Planning: The difference between a winning and losing campaign is the implementation of a campaign’s strategy. Crafting a plan from beginning to end, targeting voters and keeping on message is the only way to win a campaign. Far too often the nuts and bolts of campaigning are overlooked during the planning process. CK Strategies specializes in the development of campaign plans including Field and Finance operations. We will assist you in hiring the most qualified consultants and campaign staff around and guide you to victory on Election Day.

Fundraising: The most challenging component of any campaign is developing a fundraising plan that fits the personality of the candidate. CK Strategies has extensive experience developing and implementing this aspect of the campaign for all types of candidates. From event and call time management to direct mail solicitations and PAC outreach, we will develop a winning strategy for your campaign.

Direct Mail: Direct Mail is a fast and proven way to disseminate a campaign’s message to a targeted audience. The question is, as Election Day approaches and mailboxes are inundated with candidate mail, how does yours stick out as the best? Our graphic designers and message team will work to design innovative and visually appealing mail pieces for your campaign.

Voter Contact: From phone calls and canvassing to paid ID calls and campaign events, CK Strategies will develop a voter contact strategy that will maximize your contact with the community and help you achieve your voter identification goals to achieve victory on Election Day

Business size

1-10 employees

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