About Us

CLC Engineering, LLC. is a consulting engineering firm located in Alexandria, Louisiana, specializing in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, High Voltage Electrical Design and Environmental Assessments.

Our experience lies in the following areas:
1. Civil (Site, Contours, Cut & Fill, Grading, Erosion Control, and Storm Water management)
2. Construction Administration
3. Structural (Steel Design, Aluminum Design, Wood & Timber Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Computer Analysis, Commercial Low-Rise Structural Design, Seismic Analysis, Simple Span Bridges).
4. Foundations (Shallow, Spread Footings, Piles, Augured Piers, Commercial and Residential Foundation Design)
5. High Voltage Substations (Site preparation, fence and gate drawings, physical substation layout & design, conduit, duct banks, manholes, control building design, overhead strike protection, outdoor lighting)
6. Environmental (SPCC Plans, Design of spill containment reservoirs, Phase I Environmental Assessments)
7. Forensic Engineering (Residential, Industrial and Commercial Structural & Foundation Inspections

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence