About Us

Cocktail Kitchen brings together great food and great drinks. It really is that
simple. Every detail has been a decision, tussled over by people who not only
care, but come armed with years of knowledge, expertise, and unwavering love
for their trade.

True hospitality is at the heart of Cocktail Kitchen. Guests will experience a
welcome that they’d expect from family, from friends, from home. Coupled with
this fellowship approach, Cocktail Kitchen creates an opportunity to impart
knowledge and mentor guests in an inclusive environment. Simultaneously,

Cocktail Kitchen will engage the Dubai hospitality and bar community as a
whole - an ever-growing family rooted in training, learning and bettering the
industry here in Dubai.

All of us have a story about a little bolthole somewhere that once captured our
hearts. A pub back home, a beachside bar from our honeymoon, a season spent
working in Europe. We want Cocktail Kitchen to be that bolthole for us, for you,
for everyone you bring. You’re friends of the house.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence