About Us

Colloquy Collective’s vision to be an alternative voice in the popular discourse regarding performance, identity, culture, and art; to be a venue for complex theatrical conversations on how social imbalance affects (and has affected) power, relationships, and history. There is a lack of dialogue between “traditional” theater and “multicultural” theater that creates unnecessary conflict, and leaves all sides misinformed. There are traditions inherent to all communities that effect audience response to performance: the organization intends to make those traditions available to broader audiences in order to create holistic theatrical experiences for all those involved

Moreover, Colloquy Collective will be an institution in which all people can explore the complexities of their identities through art. Issues of race, sexuality, ability, age, community, religion, will all be examined through performances, talkbacks, forums, discussions, and videos presented within the context of what has come before. New generations of art-experiencers will be exposed to works that may not be of their community and will be given the tools to recognize and appreciate that difference. They will also be able to apply and relate their experience to others. Colloquy Collective’s vision is a conversation where people rejoice in their differences and connect in their art.

Business size

1-10 employees


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