About Us

Common Sense Computers was started to address the need for a different approach to computer repair and advice. We do this by focusing on prevention and lower costs.

The Common Sense Computers way of business means that things get done the right way. That may mean a simple upgrade instead of a new machine- or a new machine instead of extensive upgrades. The answer you need might not be readily available, but you can be sure that we will find it! Our technicians are constantly researching and training to keep up with the ever changing PC market and want to pass that knowledge on to you. We are here to meet our customer’s needs and wants while helping to keep the costs of money and time to a minimum. Computers and the internet are quickly becoming an essential utility. This is a drastic shift in thinking for most people. CSC realizes each situation is different and for this reason we offer repair on your terms, at your home or office or in our shop. We will even pick up and deliver your PC for free!

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence