About Us

We know how to communicate effectively with the public and the media and we are in the business of showing others how to do it. Sending and receiving information is rapidly changing; Communication Source is constantly monitoring these changes and advising others about the latest effective methods to get their messages outin the most impactful way!

We realize that today’s media landscape can be intimidating and confusing. Both traditional media outlets and public relations professionals are learning about new communications platforms and applications on a weekly basis. We can keep your organization up to date with the best ways to get your information out and train you on how to appear effective and credible to your target audience.

We know that these new ways of sending out information is a two-edged sword. You not only need how to find your audience, but you need to learn that there are different ways to relate to these the varied groups when you are using new methods of communicating with them. Communication Source has assembled an impressive group of communicators who are among the most knowledgable professionals in the country.

Visit our website http://www.comsors.com (www.comsors.com) for more details and for a look at our all-star consultants.


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