About Us

Computer Support Services, Inc is a spin-off from the parent company,,David R. Black and Associates, Inc . to provide Software Migration Services to customers throughout the world.

Computer Support Services uses software tools that David Black has developed over the past 30 years to fully automate the conversions process. These tools have been used to reduce conversion time from years to months with the related savings in dollars and implantation time.

Evolving business process management solutions and requirements mandate organizations overcome the limitations of outdated, inflexible and inconsistent application systems. IVA, (Insight Virtual Analysis) developed by David R Black transforms your IT strategy, architecture and governance policies to align with emerging business needs. IVA capabilities delivers system wide clarity and situational awareness, dramatically reducing the risk and resources required to achieve cost savings and optimal levels of operational capability. A new update version of IVA is available and can provide a complete Open Source system for Linux/Unix/AIX systems.

These tools do actual conversion of IDMS, IMS, DMS1100 to native SQL statements for DB2, MySQL, or ORACLE SQL. Statements.

The tools generate the tables based on the old code. Also code to port the data from the old files to the new databases. The old CICS, DEC Forms, HPView screens can be converted to Java Screens that will replace the CICS Maps and other screens.

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Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence