About Us

The purpose of Confluency, LLC is to advance critical thinking and collaboration for improved results through:

* Design and facilitation of cross-boundary collaborations for positive change efforts.
Our uniqueness and strength is the blending of expertise to meet your needs:
- combine data/facts with creative exploration for new understanding.
- set the agenda and activities to meet the needs of diverse thinking styles and personalities.
- effectively manage a wide range of group dynamics
- select the right tools for your stage of problem-solving and decision-making.
- separate the motivation/emotional connections to the situation from the critical thinking.

* Delivery of professional development programs based on Confluency Collaboration Model:
- Team effectiveness for intact leadership teams and workgroups that must sustain high performance
- Collaborative Leadership – for leaders at all levels that are responsible for creating positive change through product/service innovation or new ways of working.
- MBTI ® workshops to value diversity of thought and elevate problem-solving potential.

Please contact us to learn about offerings under development:
- The Quick Collaborator – an arsenal of tools and tips for experts that lead and/or belong to many teams, often with short duration. You don't have the time to evolve into high performance, you need it from Day1!
- Critical Thinking 101 - advance the critical thinking skills of everyone in your organization to optimize productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence