About Us

CRSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary security consulting firm of Corporate Enterprise Security, Inc. CRSI specializes in NERC operational and CIP Compliance (693 and 706/791), as well as cyber and physical security (802/ CIP-014) solutions to the energy and government sectors. CRSI has provided consulting services to more than 200 electric utilities across all eight (8) NERC regions and has assisted NERC Regional Entities with audit support. For more information, contact: Nicole McFarlane-Holm, Account Executive, 913-322-5406 or Steve Rasmussen, Account Executive 913-322-5401. Email: info@corprisk.net.

Our clients share the common praise that we effectively demonstrate a thorough understanding of their needs and provide the necessary security solutions on time and within budget.

Effective security and risk mitigation must be an ongoing strategy with a defined and cost-justified return on investment. Corporate Risk Solutions understands these concerns and brings a complete, unique and workable solution to the table for each of our clients. Corporate Risk Solutions effectively works with our clients to significantly increase security levels while delivering a measurable return on investment.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence