About Us

We prepare legal documents. Family Law, Small Business, Will, Power of Attorney, lots of different stuff. We prepare documents for customers who do not need an attorney, but do not know how to prepare the documents without one.

First, we complete a free phone consultation. During that call we will answer any questions that you may have and take down your personal information to get your case started. Next, we will send you an invoice for payment by email. Once your invoice is paid we will complete your documents within two days. Finally, we will meet with you to go over your documents, explain what you are signing and notarize your signatures.

Once you meet with us to sign your documents, your papers will be ready to file with the Clerk of Courts. The clerk does charge a separate filing fee so we will include a form to request that the clerk waive that fee. Only the Clerk can decide if you qualify and it is based on your income. The only other charge you should expect is a service fee to the Sheriff's Office to have your Respondent served.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence