About Us

Covision is a unique Engagement Consulting firm to many Fortune 500 companies, foundations, large non-profits, and government agencies.

We’re well respected and have over 20 years and thousands of meetings worth of experience in engaging participants in conversations that matter.

We help organizations get the most value out of their large strategic meetings by providing tools and processes to facilitate dynamic “Thinking Together” sessions at key points during the meeting.

We’re easy to work with and our sole purpose is to help you achieve your meeting objectives in the most efficient and engaging manner.

We help you plan your agenda, section by section and build in short processes that allow for participants to really engage with the content and each other and surface questions, new insights, key take-aways, improvements, next step actions and priorities. When these get surfaced in this manner, they can be addressed and responded to with the whole group in real time, building levels of trust and shared understanding.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence