About Us

Cowerks is a collaborative workspace environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other working professionals who are searching for something a little more professional then a home office or coffee shop but don't want to commit fully to the overhead of a "real" office.

In recent years coworking has become the hot new trend in office environments and can often be found in most metropolitan areas. Our goal with Cowerks :: Asbury Park, NJ is simple, provide a comfortable collaborative work environment at the Jersey Shore for commuters, vacationers, budding entrepreneurs and local professionals.

We consider our community to be essential to Cowerks success and our goal is to not only provide our members with a work environment, but a resource to collectively learn how to manage & grow their businesses and network with others. Be sure to visit http://www.cowerking.com and check back for guest speakers, networking groups, after hours mixers, and other events.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence