About Us

Cushion’s human resource management solutions allow organizations to maximize resources and create an environment favorable to peak performance. We provide solutions that ensure the human resources management functions are in compliance with applicable laws, increase performance and reduce labor expenses.

■ HR Suite – The Solution for SMB

An all-inclusive cost-effective HR solution that allows organizational leaders to focus on their core business while at the same time, maintaining compliant and value-added human resource management functions. The HR Suite may be taken as a package or provided a la carte.

Cushion’s HR Suite includes:
● Compliance & Risk Management - Evaluation of your HR functions to ensure policy, procedural, process and appropriate systems are in place in compliance with federal and state employment laws
● Payroll Management and Administration - payroll, all payroll taxes, direct deposit, W-2 preparation and comprehensive reporting
● HR Management Technology - Implement our secure web-based HR management technology that greatly streamlines the HR administration process and assist with compliance.
● Employee Benefit Programs - Design, market, management and administration of programs developed to attract and retain key talent
● On & Off Site Support - Dedicated skilled HR Associate visits your facility on a periodic basis to provide administrative support and to ensure compliance. Also, consultations are available from legal and HR professionals

■ Human Resources Consulting

Cushion believes each client is unique and has unique needs. Therefore, we dedicate the resources needed to achieve clients’ human resources objectives. We turn ideas into actions and measurable results, working closely with our customers to implement effective solutions.

Cushion provides consulting services in the following:
● HR Audit
● Talent Management Solutions
● Employee Benefit Programs
● COBRA & Direct Billing Administration

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence