About Us

D U N N is committed to providing innovative insights, wise brand counsel, cutting-edge creative work and evocative design to the world’s most esteemed brands, well-known business leaders, emerging companies, advertising agencies and forward-thinking policy makers.

We produce, refine and execute ideas – ideas that, once implemented, are intended to move minds, change behavior, build brands, move markets and drive profitable results for our clients.

We are a unique collective of thinkers, doers, researchers, academics, strategists, writers, designers, artists, producers and technologists united to provide relevant answers to difficult business, policy and communications challenges. Creative and innovative, disciplined and precise, our work process often defines itself by being open to the new, the different and the uncharted.

Our core capabilities comfortably reside at the intersection of deep strategic thinking and inspired creativity. There are times when we are asked to function as business consultants, pure strategists and brand content developers, and there are times when we are called upon to create, communicate and design a brand image, an ad campaign or a unique product. No matter what role, no matter what capacity, we bring entrepreneurial energy and fresh insight to every aspect of everything we do.