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About Us

Creating value for clients with advice, tools and creative services to shape employee and customer behavior.

We help clients improve employee performance, increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and motivate their customers and assist them in completing a purchase. Some of the types of engagements we undertake include:

Improving Employee Performance
- Developing skill and job-task training
- Creating internal communications to clarify work processes and goals and motivate employees
- Developing and communicating internal change programs
- Creating programs and performance aids to make work easier and more effective
- Implementing enterprise competency strategies; building knowledge systems
- Applying behavioral analysis techniques to identify and resolve performance problems and define desired behavior in observable, measurable terms

Increasing Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness
- Developing sales processes, scripts and tools that address all factors affecting the purchaser and sales influences
- Identifying all actions that purchasers, influences and sales force must take to complete a purchase
- Modeling the sales decision process to identify potential roadblocks and invent ways to remove them

Motivating and Assisting Buyers
- Shaping and communicating very clear, valuable product/services offerings
- Building and communicating clear, engaging brand identities
- Creating compelling sales communications

We've enjoyed thirty years of success assisting companies engaged in
- Oil and gas exploration
- Refining and petrochemicals operations and marketing
- Business-to-business marketing
- Retail sales
- Software and hardware development
- Real estate management
- Manufacturing
- Non-profit arts and charitable activities
- Convenience stores
- Insurance and financial products