About Us

Data Halo is a web-based software-as-a-service for pipeline survey, finely tuned for asbuilts, but suitable for all survey phases. It offers real-time progress viewing, transparent reporting of data issues, and immediate delivery of high quality data in flexible formats on any device equipped with a browser. For an annual fee, the subscriber receives a dedicated Data Halo server on a subdomain that reflects their company name, with unlimited users and unlimited data. The Data Halo system is built on the foundation of Python and Django, which allows for rapid development, deep customization, and seamless maintenance and enhancement.

Data Halo is the link between field and office. It is tailored to the way surveyors actually work, can drastically reduce man hours, and is easy to use for less experienced (and therefore less expensive) personnel. Each Data Halo project can be finely tuned for any client's data requirements. Survey personnel import daily field data via any modern web browser, and receive instant feedback on the quality of the data attributes. If there are issues with field data, the field personnel use the feedback to correct the data before it is accepted into the repository. This ensures that all data being viewed and exported from the Data Halo survey database will immediately work in the most delicate CAD mapping and GIS systems. In addition to the initial screening of the data upon upload, further checks are made once data is in the repository, such as checks for gaps, elevation issues, ahead-back attributes, duplicate information, and consistency with materials manifests. Management and clients can be issued logins to a project, and be able to view and export clean real-time data as a project progresses.

Business size

1-10 employees


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